Single Mom Grants for School

Single mothers who have decided that going to college or school is the right choice should be celebrating: you have made a decision that is going to positively impact yours and your children’s lives forever!

But how will you pay for it?

Going to school is costly, that is no secret. You also have to emotionally and physically ready for what lies ahead: but being financially ready is vital.

That is why getting single mom grants for school is something that most moms should be doing; but many are not.

Say No To Student Loans

Why get a student loan that has a high interest rate and has to be paid back, when you can get a free grant or scholarship that requires no repayment?

The choice is clear: you should be applying for multiple grants and scholarships so that you are in the best position to get at least one.

This money will not only pay for your tuition fees but normally also can be used to cover related school costs! Imagine having your education paid for? That is what it’s like when you get a grant.

What is a Grant?
A grant is financial aid given to people just like you. They are often handed out by the government and this is the case with the Pell Grant which is being particularly aimed at mothers these days.

The Obama administration wants to see single moms out there getting an education without having to foot the bill and get into debt in the process.

Getting a grant or scholarship for school is easy: you normally just hand in an application or fill in a form online.

Then you wait to see if you are successful.

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How To Get Scholarships for Free

Getting a scholarship for free is easier than ever these days thanks to the internet. Before the time of the web where information is literally on tap, students had to go out and literally door knock or cold call corporations, organizations and colleges in order to locate scholarships and grants! Continue Reading »

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Pell Grant Changes – Latest Information

A recent article at the Gainesville Sun talks about changes in the Pell Grant and how some students are having to pay more their classes in the 2011-12 school year and beyond.

Has this affected you, or will it affect you at all? Mom’s could potentially be hit hardest because many like you are already on a shoestring budget.

So what has changed with the Pell Grant? Continue Reading »

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How Do I Apply For Single Mother Grants?

Knowing how to apply for single mother grants properly will increase your chances dramatically of ever getting a grant.

Getting grants (or scholarships) to help your current financial situation and future plans can take time and often some effort. This article will give you the basic steps to help you find the financial grants for single mothers that you need plus give you tips on the best way to find your way through the application process. Continue Reading »

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Single Mother College Scholarships

Going to college as a single mom might seem daunting, but if it’s something you have been thinking about then I want you to know that it certainly IS possible and that you don’t have to land yourself in financial strife to achieve your dream.

Single mother college scholarships are the key to your future. I want to point out the benefits of this type of educational financial aid, particularly for a single parent like yourself. Continue Reading »

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Grants for Single Moms

Did you know that single mothers can get free college grants and scholarships?

Grants for single moms can be a real life saver – and a life CHANGING opportunity. Continue Reading »

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African American Single Mother Scholarships

When it comes to finding African American single mother scholarships you don’t have a lot of specific options. But don’t let that stop you: you can apply for many scholarships – they don’t have to be open to only any particular social group.

There are plenty of scholarships out there for women and single mothers (and both) so being African American is not going to eliminate you from applying for these! Continue Reading »

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