African American Single Mother Scholarships

July 17, 2010

When it comes to finding African American single mother scholarships you don’t have a lot of specific options. But don’t let that stop you: you can apply for many scholarships – they don’t have to be open to only any particular social group.

There are plenty of scholarships out there for women and single mothers (and both) so being African American is not going to eliminate you from applying for these!

However understandably you will want to also apply for college funding opportunities that might have less competition: that is where African American scholarships come into it. If you can also find one for single mothers then the field of contenders will be narrowed down significantly.

There really is just one main scholarship that fits into this category, and it is from the Sister Thea Bowman Foundation.

They have four scholarships available to African-American single mothers as well as their children. The catch is that you have to attend the College of St. Mary in Omaha, Nebraska.

It is a $30,000, 4 year scholarship and is a great opportunity if you plan to attend that particular college. But what about the single moms who aren’t in Nebraska? There are a lot more options for you.

I suggest applying for a bunch of scholarships in the following categories, as you will fit into each of them:

1. African American scholarships

2. Single Mother scholarships

3. Scholarships for Women Some of the best include:

  • Ron Brown Scholarships
  • United Negro College Fund Scholarships
  • Gates Millennium Scholarships
  • Black Excel Scholarship Gateways
  • Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships
  • ScholarshipsForMoms

Tip for African American Single Mothers:

Apply for as many scholarships as you can!

This increases your chance of getting one or more so you can get as much money as possible for your education.


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